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Benefits Of Investing In Farmland

In today’s troublesome economy it never hurts to look for a more stable place to put your money. Farmland has a lot to recommend itself, especially in the changing face of the world economy, but is it right for you? It’s not always easy to answer that question, but if you understand the benefits of investing in farmland, you’ll be one step closer.


One of the primary benefits of investing in farmland has to do with the state of world affairs. For nine of the last ten years, the human population has been eating more food than it produces. Developing countries all over the world are beginning to need more food, and better food, and the demand is affecting us all.


Add to the soaring demand of food, the constant threat of inflation and investing in farmland begins to look very good. Farmland has always been a hedge against inflation, as it has intrinsic value and can’t be as affected by the marketplace. This could be a huge benefit, as the market is anything but stable right now. With the US dollar burning out, more and more retirees pulling out their 401Ks and investment portfolios and no one left to reinvest in the economy but the federal government, things have become very dicey indeed.


Inflation is particularly likely due to America’s fiat currency and its continual degradation due to government spending. With the country using essentially valueless currency to pay for the vast majority of its military and social programs, as well as to buy up its own debt, the world economy is beginning to lose faith in the dollar, and its loss of value could lead to inflation. In such a case, you’d be happy you had your money invested in a commodity that had intrinsic value, that was impossible to steal.


Canadian farmland has been historically undervalued, despite the fact that it consistently offers a high rate of return (around 9% annually for the past thirty years). This makes it an ideal investment, and something that many corporate investment funds and institutional investors are beginning to consider. But you don’t have to be managing a large pension fund to invest in farmland, there are many ways you can invest.


If you’re interested in how to buy farmland, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got plenty of information on how you can buy farmland and we’re happy to share what we know.

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